Our Mission

The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs seeks to cultivate student success for students of color, low-income college students, or first generation college students through sustained developmental programming, financial resources, and advocacy.

Our Vision

All students of color and first generation college students will graduate from DePaul as socially responsible leaders, prepared for career success or graduate school matriculation.  In addition, as a result of our urban educational outreach programs, increased numbers of Chicago-area high school students will successfully participate in higher education.

Goal Statements

  • OMSA will create opportunities for students of color, low-income college students, and first generation college students to build life skills that enhance their career, personal, and academic success.

  • OMSA will empower students to explore their own culture, backgrounds, and social location to enhance student success.

  • OMSA will provide scholarships that facilitate the retention, persistence, and graduation of low-income DePaul students.  In addition, OMSA will provide scholarships to recognize students that demonstrate academic excellence and a commitment to service.

  • OMSA will fulfill DePaulís urban mission through engaging students from Chicago-area secondary schools to promote college preparedness, awareness, and access.

  • OMSA will create an environment where students have a sense of belonging and connectedness.

  • OMSA will provide students with the information and tools required to navigate the university system.

  • OMSA will utilize culturally-sensitive measurement tools and accountability standards when assessing student learning and student success

  • OMSA will serve as an institutional resource related to the success of marginalized student populations and diversity data. 


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