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Men of Color Initiative


The Men of Color (MOC) Initiative seeks to support first-generation and/or low-income, male students of color in their academic endeavors at DePaul University. The MOC Initiative strives to do the following:

  • Support and challenge men of color to achieve academic;
  • Encourage and support men of color in engaging in the DePaul Student Experience;
  • Promote involvement and inclusion in leadership activities;
  • Promote intergenerational mentoring; and
  • Promote community service and engagement.

The MOC Initiative is divided into four separate components designed to best serve students depending on where they are in their DePaul Experience.

  • The MOC Leadership Academy;
  • The MOC Career Academy;
  • The MOC Faculty Mentoring program; and
  • The MOC Beyond DePaul component

MOC Leadership Academy

The MOC Leadership Academy was developed as a way to specifically target first-year students at DePaul University in order to support their transition to DePaul through bi-weekly seminar-style meetings. The program is designed to engage participants in discussions around their identities as men of color and to promote leadership development.

The MOC Career Academy

The MOC Career Academy focuses on providing program participants with opportunities for life-skills attainment and graduate and career. Through bi-weekly meetings and workshops, and company field trips, the MOC engages sophomore level students in career exploration experiences.

Through their experience with the MOC Career Academy, participants will develop a career engagement plan that will help plan out the rest of their time at DePaul University in ways that help them achieve their post-college goals. Whether it's getting a job, attending graduate school, or engaging in post-college volunteer work, the Career Academy assists students in creating the right path to get there.

The MOC Faculty Mentoring program

The MOC Faculty Mentoring program connects junior-standing participants with faculty mentors in their college or school. Although we cannot guarantee that a participant will get a faculty mentor within their major, we make every effort to ensure that students are placed with a highly engaged faculty member who is committed to student success.

MOC Beyond DePaul

Why are you here? The answer to that question should be to graduate. Ultimately students attend DePaul to obtain a college degree. Through the Beyond DePaul component of the MOC Initiative, we provide students with the opportunity to reflect on their lives as they near the end of their college career. Through focused career coaching we engage students in a one-on-one environment to discuss their career aspirations and the next steps needed to attain them. As participants get closer to graduation, we connect them with DePaul alum in their respective fields. We also encourage them to give back to the DePaul University and the MOC Initiative by becoming active alumni.

For more information or to get involved, please contact Eric Mata at emata3@depaul.edu or via phone at 773-325-7325